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2 Yard Skip Hire Alloa

Our smallest skip, the two-yard mini skip, works well for tasks that produce relatively small amounts of waste. It is particularly popular with private householders who are undertaking smaller jobs in the garden or renovating or clearing out a small space as it is the cheapest model we offer, but it is also hired by trade clients who only have a limited volume of waste to dispose of (for situations where a midi or builder’s skip would be overkill).

Another reason for its popularity is its small scale which means that customers with smaller driveways and gardens can usually accommodate it far more easily than a regular builder’s skip. It offers flexibility and versatility in a conveniently compact package.

What type of jobs does it suit best?

Householders usually hire this model for small gardening jobs such as the disposal of hedge cuttings, tree cuttings, soil and plant materials but it is also hired for the disposal of the waste arising from DIY projects – including those that didn’t quite go to plan…
Landscapers and gardeners rent a two yard for similar smaller-scale garden works plus the removal of old materials such as mulch, chips, gravel and stone.

Builders also make use of this size to minimise costs when they have limited works such as clearing away a small volume of rubble, brick or other construction waste following building repairs. which can range from gardening, clear outs DIY projects and smaller building works. such as hedge trimming, small tree cutting, modest DIY jobs such as small home renovations or clearing out a cupboard, wardrobe or box room. Its small scale makes it ideal for customers with smaller living spaces.

Business clients (typically small businesses) opt for this model usually to dispose of a limited amount of trade waste such as flattened boxes and cartons, archive materials no longer required or broken furniture which they just want to get rid of quickly without it lying on or outside their premises

Can it handle a lot of waste?

A 2 cubic yard skip can hold the equivalent of approximately 20-30 standard black bin bags.

What size is it?

The dimensions of a two-yard skip are:

Metric: 1.2m long x 0.91m wide x 0.76m high (approximately)

Imperial: 4ft long x 3ft wide x 2ft 5in high (approximately)

Can I put all kinds of waste in it?

These skips can manage a wide range of waste, from general household waste from a clear out, light commercial waste such as paper and cardboard, green waste from gardening such soil, hedge and tree cuttings through to construction waste from groundworks and building works including timber, metal, concrete, stone and brick.

We have other sizes such as 2 yard skip, 4 yard skip, 6 yard skip, 8 yard skip.

Are there any types of waste that cannot be disposed of?

There are several categories of items that may not be disposed of in our two cubic yard skips for health & safety reasons. Prohibited waste items include liquids (of any kind including paint, fuel, oil), gas canisters & aerosols, electrical waste and appliances (these require specialist disposal), food waste (especially meat), anything containing asbestos, medical waste (including soiled nappies), chemical or hazardous waste, car tyres & batteries plus large amounts of plasterboard, carpet, mattresses. If you are in any doubt please call & ask us before putting items into the skip.

Am I required to have a permit?

Thanks to its compact dimensions, our two cu yard skip will normally fit onto most customers’ driveways or gardens, and we always advocate positioning it off-road whenever possible, since this keeps it out of the way, discouraging others from dumping their waste in it and passing “skip divers” disturbing and spilling your load.

You’ll need a skip permit if you don’t have access to private land and must place it on the street (public highway) or other public land. Clients must order and pay for one straight from the local authority in advance. Please bear in mind that this procedure can take up to two weeks, and you must receive the permit before the skip is delivered, otherwise you will face legal action including hefty fines. Make sure you book enough time on the permit when you organise one to ensure that your job can be finished in time before the permit end date when the skip has to be removed.

The Clackmannanshire Council website has information on fees and other requirements for sitting a skip on the road.

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