You must agree to the terms and conditions given below in order to use our website, and you must declare that you fully understand its contents. Please do not use our website if you disagree with our terms of service. You can visit our website whenever you like. For further information, please see our main page. For the time being, we are providing access to our site “AS IS,” and we retain the right to stop or change the services we provide on the site at any time. We cannot be held accountable if our site is inaccessible at any time. In order to protect our brand and website, we may limit registered users’ access to our entire site, or portions of it, from time to time. Any information given to you to verify your identity, such as an ID number, password, or other piece of information, must be kept private and not shared with anyone else. If you do not comply with these conditions, we retain the right to revoke any user ID or password you have selected or been given. You are solely responsible for making the required preparations in order to have access to our website. It is your obligation to make sure that all visitors to our site are aware of these terms and that they follow them. If you use our services, you are responsible for paying us. As an introducing agency, we make introductions for service providers. We, the service providers, have authorised you to enter into a contract with you on our behalf. To complete your booking request, we will first react to you to determine which service provider can serve you. A booking confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, together with information on your reservation and a link to the Service Terms and Conditions. If you agree to the terms in the email as well as the service terms and conditions, a contract will be formed between you and the provider. 2.3 You and the supplier are the contract’s parties. The supplier bears the majority of the responsibility for providing the services. The terms and conditions you agree to are legally binding after you’ve completed your registration. When you receive services from the supplier, it is our goal that you always refer to us as your primary point of contact. We’ll also take care of any non-cash payments you make, such as prepaid or gift cards. 2.5 We ensure that a qualified service provider is identified and hired. However, it is only the provider’s obligation to offer the services. Because we don’t hold you liable or responsible for the services, you free us from any responsibility and obligation. It is always appreciated when you share input on suppliers. Rights to intellectual property To put it another way, we own everything on our site, including the copyright and other intellectual property rights that come with it. All content is subject to intellectual property (IP) laws and treaties in the United Kingdom and other countries. This is a page where all intellectual property rights are reserved. Our website may be accessed with a web browser (including any web browsing capability built into other types of software or apps). You may print a single copy of our material and use excerpts from our webpages as needed. Simply save a web page from our site to read later or to use offline. Any alteration of printouts or digital copies of any material is strictly prohibited. Only use images, video, or music in conjunction with text. We must always identify ourselves as the site’s owners and writers, or licensors. You must first seek permission from us or our licensors to use any content you’ve saved or downloaded from our site for commercial purposes. Any copies of the content you created in violation of these terms of service must be returned or destroyed. If this agreement is terminated, you will no longer be able to access our website. The use of the internet as a source of data We make every reasonable effort to keep our site up to date and relevant with comments and other information, but these materials are not intended to be taken as financial advice. 4.2 Under no circumstances will we be held liable or responsible for any reliance placed on the information contained in this website or any of its contents. Our website has just been updated. We go above and above to guarantee that our website is updated with new material on a regular basis. If the situation demands it, we may limit or even shut down access to our website. The content on this site changes often, and we take no responsibility for keeping it up-to-date. Everything you put on our site is under our legal control. 6.1.We disclaim any and all representations, warranties, and guarantees that may apply to our site or any material provided on it to the maximum extent permitted by law. As stated in paragraph 6, we do not accept responsibility for lost earnings, sales, company, income, business possibilities, goodwill, or reputation. We’re also not responsible for any predicted savings. We make no guarantees concerning our site’s availability, and we accept no responsibility or liability for any disruptions or outages caused by third-party sources. We are not responsible for any liability that is limited in any way, such as carelessness or unintentional injury. This statement of privacy applies to you and your visits to our website. Your personal information is handled in line with our privacy rules. If you consent to our site’s use of your data, you verify that our data is correct. This tool allows you to upload photographs, music, and videos to our website. The content standards that apply when you use a function of our website to post material or communicate with other users are defined in these terms and conditions. Your agreement states that you agree to follow those rules with every contribution you make, and you expressly disclaim our liability if you don’t. Once you submit your work, you give PTC permission to use, duplicate, distribute, and disclose it to others for any reason. When you post files to our site, they become public and non-confidential. We are compelled to reveal your name if a third party claims ownership of any content you submit on our website. We also have the right to inform third parties about the nature of your contribution so that they can assess whether or not they have a right to privacy. We are not liable for any content placed on our website by third parties. 8.4 At our discretion, any of the following may be removed: Anything that is in violation of this agreement’s terms and conditions. Malicious software, unauthorised hacking, and other offences are all illegal. You may not use our website in any way that is harmful to it or hinders its performance. It is forbidden to copy, save, host, transmit, communicate, use, publish, or distribute hazardous software on our website. Without authorization, any server, computer, or database connected to our site, as well as the server where our site is located, cannot be accessed. Our website will not be the target of a denial-of-service attack, nor will it be the target of a distributed denial-of-service assault. You may be charged with a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act if you violate this clause. We will contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities as quickly as possible in the event of a data breach and will assist them with their investigation by providing your identification. In the event of a breach, your access to our site will be terminated immediately. 9.3 It is solely your responsibility to protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other malware, to keep your programme or data secure, and to avoid infecting your computer with malware or viruses as a result of using our site or any other website linked to it. The establishment of a direct link to our website You may also link to our homepage as long as your link does not harm our reputation or provide you with any financial gain. When linking to another website, avoid using terms like “collaboration,” “permission,” or “endorsement” because they can imply anything. You may not link to a website that you do not own. No portion of our website should be reproduced, including the front page. We do not allow links from sites that do not follow our criteria in every way. We must ensure that our website is not framed by another website. As previously mentioned, we have the right to revoke linking authorization at any moment and without notice. If you have any questions concerning how to utilise non-applicable content on our site, please send us an email. Our website has a large number of links. Websites that connect to other websites
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