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Waste Management & Collection in Alloa

Waste Collection Service

We recognise that various clients have distinct garbage collection needs and that these demands frequently require waste collection services that differ from the standard skip hire model of delivering a skip, the client filling it full, and us picking it up a few days later. We recognise that this model is not suitable for everyone, depending on their occupation, whether in business, the public sector (schools, nurseries, and care homes), the construction industry, or residential waste collection. This is why, in situations when a typical skip hire isn’t practical, we provide alternative waste collection services including rubbish removal.

Alternatively if you’re just looking for conventional skip hire – mini, midi, builder’s, maxi or container skips – just visit our homepage for skip hire in Alloa

Wait & Load Hire Alloa

Wait and load skip hire

This service is for customers who have waste that is ready to be loaded into a skip but do not have the room or a time limit that permits a skip to sit for several days.

We can supply a “wait and load” skip hire anywhere in Alloa with this service. When we come, we’ll position the skip in your desired area and wait a little while for you or your builders, landscapers, or family to fill it, following which we’ll load the skip back onto our skip lorry and remove it, sparing you the trouble of having a skip lying on your driveway.

This saves you the time, effort, and money of obtaining skip hire permission from Clackmannanshire Council, which must be arranged by the client with the council at least two weeks before the date required and costs start from £26.

As long as you have already sorted out your rubbish and have it easily accessible, the loading process can be done very quickly. This service is very popular among businesses doing work in town centres such as flooring replacement, shop-fitting, office renovations, strip outs and domestic customers who don’t have driveways. These consumers will find a wait and load skip to be more practical and efficient.

In addition, we now provide man and van services in Alloa for rubbish removal (i.e. bulk uplift type rubbish clearance) which means that we do the lifting and loading for you, saving you time, effort and hassle.

Waste Recycling Service

Skip Hire Dumpster

Skip Hire Alloa offers a cost-effective waste management service that caters to every need, whether it is a household, a public organisation, or a company that disposes of rubbish on a one-time or ongoing basis. We’re here to ensure that your waste collection is as effective as possible. Our customers rely on us for a trustworthy, cost-effective, and professional waste collection service.


Experienced Waste Management Firm

It’s also important to remember, as the Scottish Government pushes ahead with its “Zero Waste Scotland” plan that we only partner with companies who follow all Scottish waste legislation and requirements. Our ultimate objective is to reuse, recycle, or recover as much refuse as possible, with the remainder being appropriately disposed of in a responsible manner.

This is important not only for current environmental protection—by reducing fly-tipping and illegal dumping, which can cause serious problems even on a small scale in your neighbourhood (it’s both an eyesore and a potential public health hazard)—but also for future environmental protection—by properly disposing of waste.


The prices we charge reflect the fact that your waste is handled legally and in an environmentally responisable manner, in contrast to some cheap skip hire companies who appear to believe it is acceptable to dump waste anywhere they think no one will notice it, polluting the Scottish environment for a quick buck and then leaving us taxpayers with the bill. If you are considering any suspiciously low-cost options, Skip Hire Alloa urges you to think twice-the chances are that your rubbish is being disposed of illegally and unprofessionally, perhaps even in your neighbourhood green spaces or beauty spots. The cost of cleaning up this illegal waste is more than £2.5 million every year for local government (and local taxpayers). 

In the long run, landfills are unsustainable because they fill up, requiring Scotland to dispose of even more waste when it would have been far better to keep as much waste out of landfills as possible. Often, refuse can be recycled or recovered even those kinds that you wouldn’t expect you’d be able to repurpose, recycle, or recover. For example, the Scottish Government expects to recycle 70% of construction and demolition waste by 2020. By 2025, the goal is to recycle, compost, or re-use 70% of all waste, and to dispose of only 5% in landfills. 


Tell us about your waste removal needs

To achieve the aim of recycling as much waste as possible, we must all work together to streamline waste management to make it as easy as possible to divide rubbish into appropriate categories and reuse and recycle as much as possible.

By letting us know what you want to put in your skip or the things you desire to be taken by our man with a van service, you can help us handle your rubbish more effectively.

We can guarantee that we manage waste loads in the best possible way if we know what to expect, rather than being faced with a skip containing prohibited items that will spoil an entire load of recyclable waste or result in additional charges for non-recyclable and specialist waste materials.

Some less reputable providers have refused to pick up skips containing “surprise” goods, leaving them on driveways for weeks. We ask you to be honest and upfront about the kinds of waste you wish to dispose of. Please ask the question if you are in any doubt as to the acceptability of an item before you put it into the skip. Please see our homepage for a list of prohibited waste items that are not allowed to be put into our general waste skips.


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