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6 Yard Skip Hire Alloa

The 6-yard skip, also known as a “small builder’s skip”, is a popular choice among our Clackmannanshire clientele both trade and domestic. It offers a handy increase in volume over the 4 yard midi (almost 50% more) for a limited increase in cost and allows clients to dispose of moderate amounts of waste and bulkier items which would not fit into smaller models. It is suitable for average-sized projects and can handle a variety of waste types. It is slightly shorter (by 1m) than an 8 yard large builder’s skip which can help clients with shorter driveways.

What Jobs is it Best Suited to?

Building firms typically hire a six yard skip for the disposal of old suites and units from bathroom or kitchen replacements or construction waste from extensions, repairs, conversions and other home improvements. 

It is also used by landscaping, driveway, and gardening companies to remove green waste and heavier materials generated during these projects.

It is ideal for flat clearances, loft clearances, and emptying out rooms, sheds or garages for both domestic householders and landlords. It has the capacity to handle a greater volume and larger, bulkier waste than smaller skips.

This model is used by commercial firms and public sector organisations to dispose of excess inventory, light waste such as old files, and dispose of office equipment that is no longer needed.

How Much Waste Can it Handle?

A 6 cubic yard skip can hold the equivalent of approximately 55-60 standard black bin bags.

What size is it?

The dimensions of a six-yard skip are:

Metric: 2.6m long x 1.5m wide x 1.2m high (approximately)

Imperial: 8ft 5in long x 5ft wide x 4ft high (approximately)

Can I put all kinds of waste in it?

These skips can handle a wide range of waste, from house clearance-type waste (e.g. old units, furniture), through light commercial (e.g. cardboard, paper, files) to green waste (tree cuttings, soil, and plants) to heavy construction waste like timber, stone, roof tiles, brick, metals and concrete.

We have other sizes such as 2 yard skip, 4 yard skip, 6 yard skip, 8 yard skip.

What kinds of waste are not allowed?

To comply with health and safety legislation, certain materials are not permitted to be disposed of in our general waste two-cubic yard skips. Liquids (of any kind, including paint, fuel, and oil), gas canisters and aerosols, electrical waste and appliances (these require specialised disposal), food waste (especially meat), asbestos, medical waste (including soiled nappies), chemical or hazardous waste, car tyres and batteries, and large volumes of plasterboard, carpet, and mattresses are all prohibited waste items. If you have any questions, please contact us before placing goods in the skip.

What do I need a permit for?

For the majority of customers, a small builder’s skip will fit onto their driveways or gardens although with new build properties or awkwardly-shaped drives this may not be the case. We always recommend placing it off-road whenever possible, since it is safer, reduces the likelihood of others dumping waste in it, and prevents passing “magpies” from interfering with your load.

If you do not have access to private land and have to put the skip on a public street (highway) or other public land, you will require a skip permit. Customers must order one ahead of time and pay for it directly with the local authority. Please be aware that this process can take up to two weeks and that you must obtain the permit prior to receiving the skip. You may face legal action and substantial fines otherwise. When booking a permit, ensure that you reserve enough time re the permit expiration date to ensure that you can complete your job before the skip must be removed from the road.

The Clackmannanshire Council website contains information about the costs and other requirements associated with placing a skip on the road.

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