Things to Consider When Hiring a Skip in Alloa


Whether you’re doing substantial repairs on your home or giving your property a serious spring clean, there’s no disputing that your usual wheelie bin isn’t always up to the task.
Mini skips come in handy in this situation.
The most efficient way to dispose of large volumes of waste in Alloa is to hire a local skip. Skip Hire Alloa is here to offer you an industry-leading service that allows you to recycle and dispose of rubbish in an easy and cost-effective manner. Here are the key considerations for getting the most out of your local skip hire.
Volume of waste
The amount of rubbish you need to dispose of is the most significant factor to consider when hiring a skip bin. Take the time to estimate how much refuse you’ll generate and make sure the skip you hire is big enough to hold it all – but not so enormous that you end up wasting money on extra space. 4 Yard skips are the second most popular choice from our customers in Alloa.

What kinds of waste?
Another thing to consider is the type of waste you’ll be throwing away in the skip. This is important because, depending on the type of rubbish, there may be health and safety dangers to you and anybody else who uses the skip. Furthermore, all Scottish providers impose restrictions on the types of waste that can be disposed of in their regular skips. For example, hazardous waste, asbestos, pressurised containers, tyres, vehicle batteries, major appliances, food waste, liquids, chemicals including paints and fluorescent lighting tubes are not permitted to be dumped in any of our skips.
Skip location
When clients order a skip whether it’s in Alva, Alloa or Dollar thoughts about the exact placement of the skip are sometimes forgotten. In a perfect scenario, the skip could be perfectly positioned in a handy area for you while also being immediately accessible for our delivery truck. Naturally, this involves clearing a direct path to the chosen drop site, but you must also consider the grade and condition of the ground surface. Remember to be aware of any additional obstacles in the immediate area that could represent an obstacle to smooth drop-off or collection or hamper your own loading.
On road permit
Clackmannanshire Council has rules in place that require you to seek permission depending on where you plan to place the hired skip. As a general rule, if your skip is going to be on the road, you’ll almost certainly need a valid council skip permit. If your skip is parked on land between your house and the street, you may need permission if it is publicly-owned. While this may appear to be just a bureaucratic hassle, it’s critical that you take the time to ensure you’re following all applicable requirements otherwise you risk being reported and fined.

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