History of Alloa Tower

Alloa Tower, which has been beautifully and sympathetically restored, is the main tourist attraction in Alloa, and a walk to this and other local Clackmannanshire towers forms part of the local “Tower Trail” walking route for visitors.
Alloa Tower is the largest and oldest medieval tower of its kind in Scotland. It was constructed on land purchased by the Erskine family before being transferred to the Earls of Mar. The Firth of Forth stretches out before you as you stand on the parapet. The ‘Tower Trail’ across the area leads to numerous towers, including Alloa Tower.
This excellent mediaeval tower house, which dates from the 1300s, is one of Scotland’s largest, best-designed, and strongest of its kind.
The original oak roof beams, mediaeval groyne vaulting, a pit dungeon, and the ancient internal well are also noteworthy.
Interior of the Alloa Tower
From the 15th century until around 1800, it was the home of the illustrious Erskine family, Earls of Mar. A stately house and other structures were erected in the late 17th century. More improvements were made by John, 6th Earl of Mar, who modernised while conserving the tower and mansion to suit an ambitious and large designed landscape around his home and extending down to the Forth River including an Italianate stairway leading to the Great Hall.
The mansion burned down in 1800, but the firmly built tower was saved. The Alloa Tower Building Preservation Trust meticulously rebuilt the tower to its early 18th century style, when many of the 6th Earl’s additions had been completed.
The inside is beautiful, with a wonderful collection of Erskine family portraits and memorabilia on display, telling the history of the family.
Opened to the general public in 1997, visitors can see a film telling the history of the tower and its restoration.
History of the Family
The Erskines were guardians of Mary, Queen of Scots while she was a child; the 1st Earl was Regent of Scotland; and the 6th Earl was a participant in the Jacobite Uprising of 1715.
In the 16th century, the Erskine family of Alloa Tower served as guardians of the Stuart heirs as Earls of Mar; the current Earl of Mar and Kellie is still the hereditary keeper of Stirling Castle.
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