Hire a Skip Before Moving House in Clackmannanshire


Are you planning a huge move? Maybe from South Alloa to Dollar or from Menstrie to Alva?
There is a lot to arrange and organise as moving day approaches. It’s a stressful time, and the packing process frequently reveals just how much stuff we amass over time that we no longer need or use.
Multiple journeys to the recycling centre might consume a significant amount of time and effort (assuming you have a car and one that is big enough for the purpose). If you need to dispose of a considerable volume of waste quickly, skip hire may be your best option.
Here are some reasons why hiring a skip is a good idea while you’re relocating:
It’s the ideal opportunity to have a clear-out.
Because the packing process exposes that we have a large number of goods that we don’t use on a regular basis, it’s better to get rid of them than to stuff them in the loft or the garage. You can use your move as an opportunity to declutter and get rid of whatever you don’t need. Donate what you can to charity and dispose of the rest the responsible way by hiring a skip from us.
But how can you get rid of all of your left-over unwanted items? With cheap skip hire from Skip Hire Alloa, you can get rid of everything at once, with a variety of skip sizes available-from 4 yard mini skips to 8 yard builders skips to larger 14 yard plus container skips. It’s also a simple and environmentally friendly way to get rid of things you don’t need.
Minmise removal costs.
Although hiring a skip costs money, getting rid of stuff you don’t need before moving is actually the more cost-effective option. It means you’ll have fewer things to move, which means your movers will charge you less on the day. If you’re still hesitant, you can always request a skip hire quote and a removals quote and compare the expenses. 2 yard skips are the smallest avaliable from us.
Maximise the space in your new home.
There’s no point in stuffing your new storage areas with things you rarely or never use, whether you’re downsizing or relocating to a bigger property. Make your space more efficient. Rather than dragging large amounts of waste and clutter into your new place, get rid of them. If you haven’t used it in years, it will simply collect dust in your new home as well.
Call Skip Hire Alloa to dump the junk before you move house on 01259 235650.

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