Basic information for hiring a skip in Alloa


From Muckhart to Menstrie, you’ll probably need to hire a skip at some point in your business and personal life. When you have excess rubble or are renovating, the only safe option to dispose of it is to hire a skip. It may appear to be a simple task, but before you give us a call, consider the following questions and our suggestions to make the procedure as straightforward as possible from beginning to end.

What waste do you have?
Before the skip arrives, and even before you order it, it’s a good idea to figure out where it’ll go and whether there’ll be enough room for it. There are a few things to think about. You will require permission if the skip is to be placed on public land anywhere in Clackmannanshire, and there’s also the chance that individuals will fly-tip into it. The best solution is to put it on private land, although this may not be practical. Remember that the skip must be placed and removed safely, which necessitates access for the vehicle. If a permit is required, your skip rental provider will be able to arrange it.
Where will it go?
If the skip is heading onto a public road with traffic, you’ll need to take the proper safety precautions. Clackmannanshire Council will provide guidance on road permits as well as rules regarding traffic cones and safety lights. A professional skip hiring firm can also provide these.
What is it sitting on top of?
Consider the impact if you’re putting a skip in your driveway, especially if you’re throwing stones and rubble that can become very heavy. Preventing damage by laying down some wooden boards is a good idea.
What size skip are you looking for?
It’s critical to order the correct skip size. It’s pointless to pay a premium for an 8-yard skip when smaller skips are available. However, you don’t want your skip to be too small and overflow, and you don’t want to have to order another of the same size, so be sure your estimate is accurate. The best thing to do is to seek assistance from your local skip hire company, as they deal with this type of situation on a daily basis.
What is the maximum amount I can put in my skip?
Skips can be filled to the container’s top level. Overfilling it will cause it to surpass its authorised weight limit, posing major safety concerns for everyone in the vicinity, including the driver. This may result in further fines and fees for the removal of any excess rubbish before it can be removed.
What kinds of things can I throw away in the skip?
Make sure you don’t put any liquids such as paints, oils, fuels or potentially dangerous materials in the skip, such as asbestos, tyres, car batteries, or refrigerators/freezers. You can contact Clackmannanshire Council for advice about the safe disposal of such items.
Is it OK for me to burn items in my skip?
Absolutely not. It violates fire safety regulations and may cause damage to the paintwork and the skip itself, so you will be responsible for any repair costs. This may also be illegal under environmental regulations, and you may be prosecuted as a result.
Your skip hire agreement will spell out all of the restrictions so that you don’t break any local laws or regulations.
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