There are a variety of reasons why you might need to hire a skip from time to time, whether you’re cleaning out your garden or clearing a building site. There are also other advantages to doing so, such as making waste disposal simple and helping to keep a job site clear of waste to promote safety. From Menstrie to Sauchie and South Alloa we find that new customers welcome some professional guidance before hiring a skip in order to avoid the following common problems:
Ordering the incorrect size
One of the most crucial elements to consider when selecting a skip is the size you require. This will be determined by a lot of things, including the skip’s purpose, so think about it thoroughly before deciding. After all, obtaining the wrong size skip is not only inconvenient, but it may also cost you more money, which you’ll want to avoid whether you’re ordering a skip for personal or commercial use.
If you get a skip that’s too small, you’ll have to have it collected and emptied more frequently than you might have anticipated or needed with a skip that’s the right size. On the other hand, if you choose a skip that is too large, you will have wasted money on space that you did not require. As a result, it’s critical to double-check that you’ve chosen the right size for your needs.
Not adhering to waste regulations
There will be a list of things that you can and cannot dispose of, depending on where you hire your skip. Asbestos, auto batteries, and food waste are common restricted goods, but restrictions vary per company. Some skip hire businesses in Alloa will be able to handle hazardous waste, while others will not, and it’s critical to ask before you put it in the skip.
If you load the skip with waste that your company doesn’t handle, they could refuse to pick it up or dispose of it. You’ll then have to spend time emptying the skip and dealing with the waste on your own time, which will be both expensive and inconvenient. Before you start filling the bin, ask your skip rental company for a full list of what they will and won’t accept.
Ignoring weight limits
When you hire a skip, you’ll almost certainly be given a weight limit. Before you commit to a skip rental, you should find out this information because it will influence how much you can fill your skip. Failure to obtain this information in advance and, as a result, violating the weight restrictions could cost you a lot of money. If you’re going to fill your skip with garden waste, it’s unlikely to be too heavy. However, if you’re renting a skip to clear debris from a construction site, you can run the danger of surpassing your weight limit; in this instance, double-check the regulations ahead of time.
Our team of highly experienced professionals at Skip Hire Alloa will go above and above to assist you in avoiding each of these blunders. Whether you need a 4-yard mini skip for a flat cleanout or an 8-yard skip for building waste, we’ll listen to your needs and help you locate the right skip for your project. We also have a variety of maxi and container roll-on and roll-off skips for larger projects. Simply give us a call on 01259 235650 to start your hire journey.

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